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P8: General Purpose Digital IO

P8 is one of only two GPIO pins with no assigned function or useful alternate feature on the micro:bit. You can use this pin in your projects or designs for any purpose.

The Tech Specs

  • Outputs 0V to 0.3V when LOW
  • Outputs 2.7V to 3V when HIGH
  • Reads 0V to 0.9V as logic LOW
  • Reads 2.1V to 3V as logic HIGH
  • Can source/sink a maximum of 5mA
  • Tolerates -0.3V to 3.3V
  • 11K - 16KOhm pull down/up resistance
  • A maximum of 3 pins can drive 5mA at any one time

Note, voltages are given for a micro:bit powered over USB.

See https://tech.microbit.org/hardware/edgeconnector/ for more information.

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